7 Ways to Food-Style Your Thanksgiving Feast

We’ll admit it. The Thanksgiving feast isn’t the most naturally photogenic of meals. With turkey, gravy, stuffing and potatoes, there’s a lot of brown and beige in the mix. To make our Thanksgiving look as good as it tastes, we’re taking a cue from food stylists who make Thanksgiving look gorgeous for a living. Yep, we’re upping our garnish game this year. Edible garnishes are the best kind, and the flavors should always complement the dish they accompany. These suggestions from Food Network Kitchen are based on both color and dish texture. Check out the full gallery for ideas to spruce up every course of the feast.

Bronzed and Roasted: Pair with Orange or Green
For bronzed and roasted foods (like your turkey) try orange or green: Roasted carrots, fresh leafy herbs or fresh watercress add brightness and delicious contrast. Or go with a more old-school tableau and surround the bird with fresh fruit (oranges and golden pears work particularly well for this).

Try It: Turkey + Herbs and Oranges
Trisha’s simple no-fuss bird looks gorgeous surrounded by leafy greens, herbs and oranges.

White and Creamy: Go Green
For white and creamy items (celery root salad, mashed potatoes), crunchy, oniony greens are always welcome: Chives, scallions or a fresh green salsa all add brightness.

Try It: Mashed Potatoes + Chives
These classic-flavored mashed spuds (made in a slow cooker!) need nothing more than a sprinkle of chopped chives to lend a pop of color and textural contrast.

Yellow and Brown: Choose Leafy Herbs
For vast expanses of yellow or brown (stuffing, onion dip, mac and cheese, cornbread), go with leafy green herbs: A scattering of chopped parsley, fennel fronds, celery leaves or cilantro will add freshness and contrast.

Try It: Sausage Stuffing + Chopped Parsley
Stuffing is notoriously not the most-attractive dish, but a simple handful of chopped parsley turns it into a beauty.

Flip through the full gallery for more garnish ideas that will take this year’s feast to the next level.